Salt Kiln Fired

Nicole S. Young Ceramics, Pottery Leave a Comment

In my class at OCAC, we had the opportunity to put some of our work into the salt kiln if there was room. I selected a few pieces, and this one in particular makes me wish I had regular access to a salt kiln! It’s a simple vase, but there’s something about the colors, how they blended and melted together that just looks so utterly gorgeous. I think that part of it is the unexpected nature of what you get in a salt firing that makes it so beautiful.

My studio should be ready at the end of the week (still crossing my fingers … you never know what’s going to happen, just like I didn’t know I was going to have my appendix out this past Friday!). :) I’m very anxious to get it organized so that I can start playing with clay again. The class I took was nice, but I mostly enjoy the silence of working alone, unencumbered, and free of distraction. I feel that I am more creative when I don’t feel like I have eyes watching me work. I also am looking forward to being able to control every aspect of the creation and firing process. Stay tuned! I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished studio as soon as it’s ready.

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