First Glaze Firing: A Success!

Nicole S. Young Ceramics, Extruder, Glaze, Kiln, Pottery, Studio Leave a Comment

I’m happy to report that my first glaze firing of all of my “test tubes” was a success! Everything stayed upright, and there were no drips or catastrophes. Phew! I even was able to most of them up on my peg-board. The local hardware store did not have enough peg-board hooks for me, so I’m waiting for them to get more in stock before I can hang up the rest of them.

As you can see in my photo, I tend to prefer the blue-greenish tones. I’ll end up only choosing a handful of glazes to start with, since buckets of glaze don’t run cheap. Once I get bored of them, I’ll add more and have more variety over time. :)

So, now that my glazes tests are over with, I guess it’s time to start playing with clay!

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